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In support of its educational mission, the Etruscan Foundation offers and sponsors a broad array of programs for its members and affiliates. These have included internship opportunities at the foundation’s Italian field headquarters, Tenuta di Spannocchia, fellowships and stipend awards in archeology and Etruscology, public lectures and scholarly seminars, and a variety of sponsored educational programs that have taken place in both Italy and in the United States.


The Etruscan Foundation has a long tradition of supporting scholarship in Etruscology, Italic Studies and its related disciplines for a half century. Young and developing scholars have received fellowships from the Foundation to help defray the costs of participation in field schools, archaeological conservation programs and research projects at Etruscan and other pre-Roman sites across Italy. Fieldwork and conservation fellowships are available to advanced undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at accredited North American colleges and universities. A Research Fellowship is available for Ph.D. candidates (ABD), independent researchers and untenured faculty. Please access a fellowship link below for additional details about the application process or contact The Etruscan Foundation at:  office@etruscanfoundation.org.

Annual Lecture

In tribute to the foundation’s founder Ferdinando Cinelli and his wife Sarah McGraw Cinelli, The Etruscan Foundation has established a permanently endowed annual lecture series offered through the Archaeological Institute of America’s Lecture Program. Scholars from The Etruscan Foundation Advisory Board and selected guest scholars are invited to participate in the annual series to present lectures within their area of specialization to continue the tradition of disseminating new discoveries in Etruscan and pre-Roman archaeology.

The lecture programs are coordinated through the Archaeological Institute of America and hosted by local AIA Chapters within the United States. For additional information about the program schedule and lecture abstracts please contact The Etruscan Foundation or visit the AIA website at: www.archaeological.org.

Please access the link below for further details about the Cinelli Lecture Series or contact The Etruscan Foundation at: office@etruscanfoundation.org.

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