Planned Giving

The Passion of a Few Creates Opportunities for Many

Since 1959, the Etruscan Foundation has played an important role in promoting scholarly study to increase our understanding of the Etruscan civilization. We invite you to consider The Etruscan Foundation to be part of your charitable giving plans.


This is the most common and simplest way to give. Your contributions can be unrestricted to meet the needs of the general operations, or restricted to support a specific program.


Charitable gifts of stocks/bonds in certificate form or brokerage account formats may be used to satisfy your annual gifting requirements.

Charitable Remainder Unit Trust (CRUT)

You may establish a trust to pay an income stream to yourself or others for a specific period. The remainder will go to the Foundation to support its programs and commitment to the pursuit of scholarly study.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A large gift to the Foundation can be subject to payments back to you and your spouse for your lifetime. Return payment rates may provide preferred options to other available earnings on other investments.

Donor-Advised Fund

The donor can establish the fund with a community foundation to handle all administration services while directing the grant recommendations. Additional contributions can be made to the fund over time for legacy planning.

Life Insurance

A gift of a life insurance policy, perhaps one you no longer need, can give you a current tax deduction and provide the Foundation with a helpful cash gift at a later date.

Bequest by Will or Trust  

Your desire to designate a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate to the Foundation will provide support for our programs in the future. Your assets remain intact until you are ready to transfer them to family and institutions that hold the greatest meaning to you.

*NOTE: Planned Giving opportunities are unique structures and have specific tax benefits to the donor. Please consult with your estate planning counselor to determine what option serves your needs. Questions may be directed to Richard String, Executive Director /The Etruscan Foundation at: 231-519-0675