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Strove Project

Strove, 1967-68, excavation of the necropolis located on the low hill called Poggio alla Fame, directed by Prof. David W. Rupp of the University of Pennsylvania, now at Brock University, Ontario. Twelve chamber tombs, dating from the fifth to first centuries B.C., and 23 trench graves were excavated. The majority of the material found at the site was similar to that found at contemporary Malignano and Papena. The site should be considered typical of the small Etruscan necropolis found in the upper Val d’Elsa and the Sienese region. The report for these seasons appears in D.W. Rupp, “The Necropolis of Strove: Preliminary Report of the 1967 and 1968 Campaigns,” Etruscans I (1967-69) 27-39.